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Catching Walleye at Greers Ferry Lake

The Talkin' Outdoors boys are fishing for walleye.
GREERS FERRY, Ark--The Talkin' Outdoors boys are in North Central Arkansas this week fishing Greers Ferry lake for walleye.

The lake is only a few hours south of Branson, and offers a big challenge for anglers.

Walleye like to sit at a certain depth in the lakes and if you catch one or two an hour you're doing great.

Trey Reid shares with us the technique for catching walleye.

Trey Reid/Arkansas Game and Fish Commission:"Successful walleye fishing involves trolling lures or bouncing nightcrawlers at a specific depth.  The get to the water columns sweet spot you ahve to fine the thermacline.  What's the thermacline you ask? The thermacline is were there warmer surface water meets the cooler deeper water.."

If you want to see more of talking outdoors, and see how many walleye the guys reeled in you have two opportunities.

Saturday at 2:30 p.m. right after the arkansas game.

And then Sunday at 11 a.m. on the Z.

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