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Cards Fans Hope for a Win Friday in St. Louis

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Fans gathered at bars around town to root for the St. Louis Cardinals in game 5 tonight. After a tough loss, fans are hopeful that the cards can pull a win in St. Louis Friday.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Cardinals fans were hoping tonight that they could celebrate another trip to the World Series.

Game five of the National League Championship Series was played against the L.A. Dodgers.

Enthusiastic and hopeful fans gathered at Big Whiskeys on Battlefield in Springfield, MO to cheer on their team.

The fans hope the Cardinals can still earn a spot in the World Series.

The team has eleven world series titles, but fans are hoping to make that twelve.

"It would mean a lot," says Cardinals Fan Brian Loudis.  "We've been in the NLCS the last three years.  Last year we were up 3-1 and botched it to the giants so as a cardinals fan, you want to see them win it and have that magic like back in 2011."

The Cardinals lost 4-6, but will have another chance to make it to the World Series Friday at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.
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