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Bourne Makes First Court Appearance on Horton Murder Charges

LAMAR, Mo. -- The man charged with murdering a 12 year old Golden City girl makes his first court appearance today.
LAMAR, Mo. -- The man charged with murdering a 12 year old Golden City girl made his first court appearance Monday.

Bobby Bourne, 34, was arraigned in Barton County associate circuit court today.  He is charged with first degree murder in the kidnapping and death of 12 year old Adriaunna Horton.

Bourne allegedly kidnapped Adriaunna from Hazel's Park last Monday evening.  According to the probable cause statement (above), he led investigators to her body in a wooded area southeast of Golden City.

Observations made during the autopsy determine Adriaunna was sexually assaulted and strangled.

Today was the first time we've seen Bobby Bourne since he was charged with this crime last week.

It was a very emotional day for Adriaunna's family.   They sat in the front row of the courtroom.  Bourne made very little eye contact with the crowd,  if any at all.

He was escorted in and out of the courtroom by several law enforcement officers.  His hands and feet were both shackled and he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Inside, the courtroom was lined with Missouri Highway Patrolmen and Barton County Sheriff's Deputies as well as K-9 Officers.

Sheriff Mitchell Shaw told us before the arraignment that he was trying to keep everyone as protected as possible.

Public Defender Joe Zuzul waived the reading of Bourne's charges and also asked that Judge Charles Curless order law enforcement not to destroy any evidence collected in this case.

There was a pause in the process today when Bourne had to fill out an application to determine whether or not he qualifies for a public defender.  He has invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent. 

Adriaunna's Grandmother Velma, Uncle Larry, and Great Aunt Debbie were three of the many family members there in support of Adriaunna today.  They were holding hands and comforting one another as they faced the man charged with their loved one's murder.

Adriaunna's Aunt, Debbie Cooper, says it wasn't as hard seeing Bourne in the courtroom as it was seeing him leave.  "He just walks in there all pouty and boo-hooie and turned all the attention on him, which I guess it's where it's at right now.  Like he was the victim.  He just walked in very somber, like he was the victim," Cooper told KOLR10 News.  "We're all just very, very angry.   It makes no sense, none of it.  It's just a small town of Golden City.  Everybody loves everyone and tries to get along.  We're just all very angry."

 Bourne is scheduled to appear in court again on September 9 at 1 p.m. for a status update before a preliminary hearing date is set.

Adriaunna's funeral is scheduled for Wednesday.  Planning that is the Horton family's main focus at this time.
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