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Bears Shift To Game Mode

Missouri State turns it's attention to NW Louisiana game.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Missouri State Bears will kick off the 2013 season a week from Thursday when Northwestern State out of Louisiana comes to town.

That game will kick off at six next Thursday night.

Tuesday Bears coach Terry Allen switched the focus of practice from preseason training camp to game mode.

The team held it's last scrimmage Saturday.

Good news concerning an injury in that game, offensive tackle Zack Cooley has a sprained MCL and will only miss a couple of games.

Other than that Terry Allen says his team is ready for the season to kick off.

Terry Allen/MSU Football coach:"I think we're all ready.  We had a game operations meeting today.  We must have had 20 people there.  But the time we got done with it I felt my stomach starting to churn and everything.  Although we're still more than a week away.  We're all anxious for it to get here.  It's kind of a tough time because of our opponent.  Because we don't know anything about them.  It's a new coaching staff, and it's not like he brought his old staff. So we're kind of picking at straws a little bit as far as preparation is concerned..."

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