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Bears Offense Looks For Success

Missouri State's offense needs better success on first downs.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Missouri State Bears will go to Murray State Saturday night for a date with the Racers.

Both of these teams play a no-huddle, quick-paced offense.

In our Bear Nation report, Missouri State needs to get its offense to produce.

In both of Missouri State's games, the offense has been slow building drives and scoring points.

Last week, the Big Ten's Iowa Hawkeyes big physcial defensive front had something to do with it.

But even coach Terry Allen concedes that his Bears need to start producing.

Terry Allen/MSU Coach:"We have to be more efficient on first down offensively.  We weren't able to get a lot of push up front with our offensive line against Iowa. The thing is to get a better push with our offensive line so that we can be efficient on first down and get 2nd and 5's instead of 2nd and 9's.."


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