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Arkansas Teachers Use Snow Days to Prep for Tests

SPRINGDALE, Ark. -- Many schools in northwest Arkansas are still closed. But some teachers went to school anyway, to prepare for testing.
SPRINGDALE, AR--Springdale High School is somewhat of a ghost town as another snow day slipped by Wednesday. School buses stood still as rural and residential streets are still too risky for drivers.

Springdale schools communication director, Rick Schaeffer, said "We looked at every road and we really tried to have school today and we just couldn't. This is the fifth school day and this is the first time in my memory that we've ever experienced this before Christmas."

But some teachers were getting cabin fever and spent the snow day at school. Sarah Cate Skelton teaches social studies and she planned on reviewing for tests this week with her students, but is now re-arranging the study schedule.

"I have got to get some things done. I needed to get out of the house and brave the roads and start working on semester tests. We usually play some kind of fun review game to get them thinking and to get them active in the review process but it may just have to be the old school review sheet method", she said.

Skelton is preparing for restless high school pupils and hoping students can focus when they return to school.

"It's always hard. even a weekend is hard for them to retain information from a Friday to a Monday and then having a week long break with snow days and fun. Coming back is going to be a struggle", she said.

(story by KNWA, Fayetteville)

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