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Airport Food Getting Healthier

Most flyers know to allow plenty of time at the airports when traveling. And, for many, that time is a good opportunity to eat! But that doesn't have to mean eating poorly.
Goodbye french fries, adios pizza!

Good news for those seeking healthier food options at the airport. Their voices are being heard.

At Los Angeles International - "We are requiring all of our concessionaires to prepare everything fresh- at the airport, so, it will be just like going into one of our restaurants on the street, fresh flavors, fresh," says Debbie Bowers.

One of those restaurants is "Lemonade".  They offer fresh healthy foods like roasted parsnips in a vinaigrette,  kale salad with mushrooms and kumquats,  and citrus poached salmon fillets.

And at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.. "We have salads, we have vegetarian offerings, we have vegan offerings, we have gluten free offerings," says Heather Lissner.

The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine looked at 18 major airports in more than a dozen states and found that 76% of airport restaurants have at least one low fat, high fiber, cholesterol-free vegetarian meal.

Bon appetit!

(Holly Firfer for CNN's Health Minute)

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