The Many Travels of Art Hains

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Art Hains has been the voice of the Missouri State Bears football, basketball and baseball teams for over thirty years. But five years ago, he landed another gig.

"All fans are interested when the NFL schedule comes out in April," said Hains. "But I'm really interested because then I can immediately match it together with the Bears football schedule."

Hains serves as pre-game, half time, and post-game studio host for the Chiefs Radio Network, meaning his fall weekends can get pretty hectic.

But for the Marshall, Mo., native it's worth every mile.

"It's really been rewarding for somebody that grew up a Chiefs fan it's a lot of fun," said Hains. "It's really a privilege and an honor to be a part of that."'

No matter where the Bears play on Saturday, Hains finds his way to the KCFX studios in Kansas City, usually by 8 a.m., Sunday morning.

"The big key for me is where are the Bears on Saturday and at what time," said Hains. "If it's a home game I'm good no matter what. Because I can get to Kansas City in 2 1/2 hours. If it's a road day game I'm probably OK. If it's a road night game, that could be a problem."

That problem will arise at least once this year. On Saturday, Sept. 29 the Bears play a football game at South Dakota State at 6 p.m. Hains and the team will take a flight back to Springfield immediately after. Upon landing Hains will get in his car, and make the drive to Kansas City. The Chiefs play the Chargers that Sunday at Noon.

Around November, Hains also has to contend with the bears basketball schedule.

In 2009 the Bears played a Sunday afternoon game at Northern Iowa. But the Chiefs had their season finale against Denver at 3:15 p.m. So immediately following the game, Hains did his radio show from the McCloud Center floor.

"My son and I stayed there and the Chiefs Radio Network paid a student worker $78 to stay with us until 9 oclock that night," said Hains.

Hains, who hosts a nightly sports talk show on Jock 98.7, in addition to several coaches shows, virtually has no days off once football starts.

It's his obvious passion for his profession that powers him from place to place

"You just kind of have to pump yourself up for it and take it as a challenge," said Hains. "It's a performance. There's one on Saturday night, there's one on Sunday and then I get to come home."

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