Smith Hopes To Improve in Carolina

By Megan Rice |

Published 08/12 2014 07:33PM

Updated 08/13 2014 07:28AM

ST. JOSEPH, Mo--The Kansas City Chiefs are almost done with Chiefs camp. In our KC Blitz report we check in on one of the final days in St. Joseph.

Kansas City with two more practices left after Tuesday.

Their next preseason game is this Sunday on the 17th against the Panthers. Where the defense will take on Cam Newton who was cleared to play after a sprained ankle.

As far as the Chiefs quarterback who is still hoping for a contract extension.

He went three for five with 19 yards in the first preseason game. Smith hoping for improvements as he is expected to play the first half in Carolina.

"You look at two third and shorts that we didn't convert. One on the run play and the last one on a pass play. Miscommunication there with the receiver and you just can't have it. For me two plays jumped out, one the fumble, you just can't have it and the second one that third and two down there in the redzone. We need to convert, you got a good chance of walking away with a touchdown. Those are the big downs and we know that, it's third down you got to execute," said Alex Smith. 

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