Dan Lucy and his brother Tim Break Down SEC Championship

Published 12/05 2013 04:19PM

Updated 12/05 2013 07:42PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel told ESPN Thursday morning that he is not looking to move on.

He said he's a missouri tiger, and is going to stay a missouri tiger.

Fifth ranked mizzou faces third ranked auburn saturday in the s-e-c championship game. 

As we continue to preview Saturday's SEC Championship game, I thought we should break down the game.  We're joined now by a season ticket holder, alumn and former player.   My brother Tim Lucy.

Tim, thanks for joining us.  Hey you have your gear on, hold on

Tim: I thought I was talking with an expert? Is Herbstreit there?

Dan: Hey it's my show, you got me…You're the little brother, I'll let you go first, why will Auburn win?

Tim: Did you watch the Iron Bowl, Auburn imposed its will on the number one team in the country.

Dan: I say Mizzou will win.  Missouri has a more experienced quarterback and can throw the ball better.
Mizzou has a better turnover ration a plus 13 to Auburn's plus one.

Also Auburn is out of miracles, a team gets one miracle win a season, you've had two in two weeks, in fact you're into next year's miracles.

Tim: that wasn't miracles…ok georgia was a fluke but the win over Alabama was a beat down.

Dan: Ok lightning round, I'll say something, I want a one word response.

Best game day atmosphere.

Tim: Auburn

Dan: Best mascot.

Tim: Auburn

Dan: wait they're both Tigers..Last one best visor.

Tim: Best visor?

Dan: I'll answer, it's Pinkel's visor, more wins, more big game experience. Mizzou's visor is better. 

Tim: what are we betting on the game?

Dan: winner gets to spend Christmas with mom and dad.

Tim: What's the loser get?

Dan:  who wins, 1, 2, 3

Both: Tigers

Dan: Thanks for joining us Tim Lucy, Auburn expert,

Tim:  War Eagle  

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