Routt Joins Flowers on Chiefs DB Roster

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs Cornerback Brandon Carr jumped ship in the off-season. He signed on with the Cowboys during free agency.    So K.C. brought in a former rival.  Stanford Routt comes aboard from the Oakland Raiders.

As Stanford Routt begins his first season as a chief,  he brings some experience.
"Stanford, he's gone against all the receivers that he's going to go against, so he already has a plan. And he kind of knows what works," says Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel.

Routt comes to Kansas City from AFC West rival Oakland, a defense that specializes in man-to-man press coverage. But the bump and run got Routt in to trouble.  He led the NFL in defensive penalties last season.

"He's more of a press cover guy, not that he cannot play off, many of his penalties came when he was in the press position," says Crennel.

But now the 8 year veteran is on a defense already stocked with a solid corner in Brandon Flowers. But neither is getting caught up in which DB is higher on the depth chart.

"I don't really get into number 1 and all that, I just go out and play football," Routt claims.

"It's just like when Carr was over there. It's not a number one and number 2 corner out here, we're just 2 number ones. Just great corners on the same squad," Flowers says.

And through just four days, Flowers and Routt are already excited to take the field together on Sundays.

"I always respected him in Oakland. He's a great press corner coming in and making plays. We feed off each other's energy out there," says Flowers.

ROUTT: "It's great to play with a corner that has experience. Somebody that's been around for a while, so I think we're going to gel together just fine," Routt says.

(Matt Tritten, KQTV, St. Joseph)

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