Ref Behind Viral Dunk Talks About How it Happened

WILLARD, Mo.-- After a video went viral of a referee putting on a dunk-a-thon at the National Home-School Tournament, KOLR10 caught up with man under the stripes.

Timothy Huskisson, Willard alumni of 2011 and standout basketball player, threw down the wicked dunk in between All-Star games at Hammons Student Center last week.

Huskisson had officiated 29 games during the tournament before the dunk happened. Courtney Donohue, Springfield Mo-Kan Commissioner, was working games all week with Timothy and gave insight on what it was like leading up to the dunk.

"Before the game even started, there was a kid who came up and asked him to dunk. Timothy, as humble as he is, kept saying 'Hey this isn't about me this is about you'... When the whole arena started chanting 'Dunk it, Dunk it', there was nothing he could do but dunk it," Donohue said.

Huskisson emphasized not wanting to take attention away from the kids in the tournament, and noted that it was the homeschool community who deserved the credit for the video going viral. Tim said he hadn't even left the tournament before he found out how much attention the dunk had gotten.

"The night was over, some guys stuck around and talked to me, and they kept saying, 'You're at 250,00 views and it has been 13 minutes'. I was like what are they talking about," said Huskisson.

Tim explained how he is thankful to part of a community like Willard, saying that he can come home and still be recognized by people. He says being more than just an athlete is the biggest thing he took away from his time at Willard. Being family oriented is a very important aspect of life for Tim, and he wasn't surprised by the response his mother gave him after the video went viral.

"People were like 'You're famous'. My mom actually said, 'He might be viral but he can still take out the trash.'"

Huskisson one day hopes to trade in his stripes again for a jersey, but for now, he is enjoying being a referee until he decides on what step is next.

Huskisson and Donahue say if people are passionate about sports, they encouraged to visit to learn more about becoming an official.

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