Morning Sports Report - July 3, 2014

By Dan Lucy |, Megan Rice |

Published 07/03 2014 05:46AM

Updated 07/03 2014 05:49AM

HIGHLANDVILLE, Mo--Teenagers do a lot of crazy things in the summer, but riding a bull?

That's what Dawson Maples does for fun.  The Highlandville teen will ride in the bull riding world competition starting on July 30th.

An average 15 year old's biggest concern is about what car they'll be driving... Dawson maples already has his ride.

"They range anywhere between 12 hundred to 19 hundred pounds. I had an uncle that rode bulls and my dad was a bull fighter so i just kind of fell into it," said Dawson Maples.

It was this very arena where Dawson saw his first bull, he was just two weeks old and watching his father fight against them.

Dawson: "I was nervous to begin with but that just kind of went away with time, it just kind of became second nature now. You just want to clear your mind and let your body take over and all you natural instincts and go with it I guess."

And going with him is his new sponsor "Protect the Harvest", started by Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil company.

Dawson: "This is one of my big new sponsors I am really proud to wear their name."

Dawson finished second at state which helped him qualify for worlds in Abiline, Texas this July.

"They are taking the top 40 riders from Canada, the U.S., and then Mexico and they'll have 40 in each division from those three countries," said Dawson.

But the road to get there was certainly a little bumpy.

"Probably the worst injury I've had was I was on a bull of Kenny Vats and he stepped on me and broke these two ribs right here," said Dawson.

Injuries are a part of this game, that's why Dawson wears equipment to help protect him.

"Helmet, rib gaurd"

Dawson: "You can't let that go let that go through your mind cause that's just going to start messing with you and you probably won't do as well."

With a tight grip and a clear mind dawson keeps on riding.

"For now I am just kind of in it for the fun and the love of it," said Dawson.

In Highlandville, Megan Rice, KOLR 10 sports.

If you want to help Dawson Maples raise money for his trip to the world competition there's going to be a fundraiser on Monday.

It'll be at the EE Cafe in Highlandville.


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas --The Springfield Cardinals opened a six game Texas road trip Wednesda night in Corpus Christi.

Springfield took two of three from the Hooks last week here at Hammons Field.

Both the Cards and Hooks are in last place in their divisions. 

Corpus Christi's Whataburger Field ready for the holiday weekend.

The Hooks would jump on the Cardinals starting pitcher Mike Mayers in the bottom of the first, Corpus Christi with the delayed double steal, Andrew Aplin safe at second, and Delino DeShields races home from third, he slides in safely it's 1-nothing.

Then Jonathan Meyer follows with this shot into the right field corner, it drops in fair, Aplin scores easily it's 2-nothing Corpus Christi.

Everything going the Hooks way early one.. watch Leo Heras lays down the bunt, it stays fair and it's a base hit.

Brandon Meredith caps off the first with this drive to right, plenty deep enough to score Meyer and it's 3-nothing.

That's all Corpus Christi needed, the Hooks take game one, 3-2.

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