Morning Sports Report - July 29, 2014

By Megan Rice |

Published 07/29 2014 06:10AM

Updated 07/29 2014 06:16AM

ST. JOSEPH, Mo--Less than two weeks till the Chiefs preseason game with the Bengals.

As our KC Blitz report continues we're going back to St. Joseph to Chiefs training camp.

The Chiefs finished up practice Monday with an off day Tuesday. They'll be back in action on Wednesday.

In the meantime as camp keeps going, the defense and special teams got plenty of chances to work on the little things.

In the chiefs 9-0 start last season the defense only allowed 12.3 points per game. But in their playoff loss to the Colts they gave up 35 2nd half points.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton sounds happy to get the defense back to work.

"Drilling down on the technique, hand placement, foot work all those things. And those still need a lot of work and that's what camp is for. Take advantage of these reps we get. A lot of reps out here the way Andy has it set up. It's really a valuable tool for us," said Bob Sutton.

"It's a good thing to have a lot of guys that create competition. Guys get banged up, especially in the preseason, you get banged up, so you are going to have to have guys to go to. Cause you never know when a star is going to come out," said Dave Toub.


ST. JOSEPH, Mo--There is a lot of hard work and sweat that goes in to Chiefs training camp every year, but it's not just from the players. For four weeks of training camp the new kids on this college campus are bigger than the average freshman, actually much bigger.

"It's funny to see them down campus just walking to the cafeteria. It kind of startles you. Seeing them in their golf carts traveling around in their really nice cars changes the dynamic on a college campus just a little bit," said Regan Dodd.

And making sure the chiefs are receiving a proper welcoming are the off the field stars.

"Right now we have 28 interns that are volunteering. They actually have to pay for college credit but they are volunteering their time and efforts for four weeks to be here and do what ever the Chiefs need, said Dodd.

Including the Chiefs fans.

"Working with the kids a lot. Making sure everybody is safe, everybody's hydrated," said Nick Helm.

"We are going to do the Kid Zone, which is for younger kids. Then there is the Fanzone, which is for the older kids, also known as the young at heart adults. Then we are also going to be doing VIP just entertainment," shad Ryan Ingalls.

The volunteers come from all over to help prep Chiefs camps like Ryan Ingalls who is here all the way from Nashville, Tennessee.

"I came to the Chiefs based on their willingness to accept me. It's very hard to make it into this league. When you get an opportunity you go, everybody knows that," said Ingalls.

While the volunteers bare the heat for zero pay what they get in return is more valuable.

"I'm a big Chiefs fan, to put it bluntly. I mean I've been doing this for three years now," said Helm.

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