MSU Athletics Announce 1 Million in Budget Cuts, Eliminates Field Hockey Program

SPRINGFIELD, Mo --Missouri State Field Hockey players were informed early Monday morning that their program would cease to exist, in response to pending budget cuts on behalf of the Athletic Department at Missouri State. 

"I just think we were absolutely heartbroken. We put so much hard work in. We really weren't seeing it coming at all," said Paige Pashea. 

MSU Director of Athletics Kyle Moats held a press conference shortly after in the JQH Prime Overtime Club. 

"Yes of course it was difficult, you are changing people's lives. There was not much I could say that was going to make them feel good. But these are difficult decisions across campus not just in athletics. It's a last resort, it's always a last resort," said Kyle Moats. 

"It's life changing. We committed to come to Missouri State, we had other offers. We are frustrated that they are taking this away. We would have rather seen that whole idea of a family, with budget cuts across the board but that was denied and now they are taking that away from one team," said Pashea. 

According to Moats, the university will save $300,600 out of its annual budget, by replacing the field hockey program with beach volleyball. 

The beach volleyball program will insure that the university remains compliant with Title IX. Missouri State will continue to honor Field Hockey scholarships, and committed recruits will receive a release from their National Letter of Intent. 

"It was the worst thing that you had to do. The worst thing. And it's not only bad for our field hockey program. It's bad for everybody else on campus that is going to have to cut as well. 


Missouri State University President Clif Smart launched a budget group to find ways to cut nearly $750,000 from the athletics department on February 7th. The group announced their findings on March 24th, and their discussions concluded this past Friday when the Missouri State University Board of Governors approved those recommendations. 

Under the cuts: 

  • Each athletics program will have their operating expenses decreased by 7-12% ($363,000)
  • Reducing and restructuring financial aid for 5th year student athletes ($108,000)
  • Reduction in apparel spending ($59,300)
  • Restructure positions of retired staff ($20,6000)
  • Scholarship Reductions ($209,900)

Criteria for budget cuts were determined by financial impact to the university, attendance and student interest, conference affiliation, diversity, national profile and historic success, academic success, facilities. 





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