Maneri Enjoying Switch From O-Line to Tight End

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Chiefs tight end Steve Maneri would be a great candidate for one of those late night, before-and-after pictures.

The third-year man was a tight end at Temple, but has been an NFL offensive lineman until switching back this season.

"It's easy to lose weight," said Maneri. "Don't eat so much. We work out so much that it falls right off."

Maneri was pushing 300 lbs., as a part-time tackle for the Texans, Patriots, and late last season, the Chiefs.

But he was trim and slim as a Temple Owl, weighing in at 215 lbs., his freshman season.

His method?

"Eating," he said. "Eating a lot. It's difficult but I've grown accustomed to it."

Maneri made the original decision to switch from tight end to offensive line going in to the NFL. And he had no plans on going back to tight end. Until this winter when he received a phone call from the Chiefs.

"It wasn't my decision," he said. "They called me in about February and they told me they want me to switch because there's a need here for it and I was more than willing to do it."

Now Maneri is down to a svelte 280 lbs., he says his time on the line will serve him well as he moves outside.

"As an offensive lineman when you're on the interior you end up knowing the whole scheme of every run and every protection," said Maneri. "So I developed a more vast knowledge of the offense."

He'll have a chance to pick up plenty of knowledge from the two tight ends ahead of him on the depth chart. Veterans Tony Moeaki and Kevin Boss.

"To be able to go out like that and catch the ball with natural hands it was really impressive that he could do that," said Boss, in his first year with the Chiefs after getting cut by Oakland. "He obviously blocks well being a former tackle so he's working hard and he's doing a great job."

Offensive line or tight end. Big or small. Maneri just wants to stay.

"I'm in the NFL," he said. "I'm living the dream right now being here and hopefully it lasts as long as possible."

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