Hillis Gives Chiefs RB Depth

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- The Chiefs should be back to full strength and then some with the run game.

Jamaal Charles seems to be back from injury hoping to return to 2010 form.

And there's another tailback who's looking to rekindle an old flame from 2010, the year he earned his nickname, the white rhino.

Justin Dougherty has more.

Peyton Hillis, in 2009 he recorded only 13 carries with the Denver Broncos.

And little did anyone know, Hillis was on the brink of a breakout season.

In 2010, Hillis was a work horse, or better yet, a rhino.

Plowing through the stat books with over 1,600 hundred total yards and 13 touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns.

"We try to put the players in good positions to be successful and it's our job to do that and it's the players job to execute that as best as possible," said Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

But last year, the Madden cover boy fell victim to the "curse."

"Being in Kansas City is it a little bit of a refresher?" Peyton Hillis, "No doubt, it's great to be here."

In the midst of a contract dispute with the Browns the injury stricken Hillis carried the ball for a mere 600 yards in just 10 games.

To add insult to injuries the Browns refused to talk contract numbers with the free agent.

Thus bringing Hillis to Kansas City.

"As of right now I'm really enjoying myself and really enjoying competing with the team," said Hillis.

Looking at the stat book difference between 2010 and 2011, it may seem Hillis is at a disadvantage not coming off a strong season.

But there is one advantage for the former Brown, and that's teaming up with his former offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll.

"I've been a few different places," said Daboll. "At the end of the day you do what suites your players and you have to use the plays that their good at."

Hillis, "I think the whole offensive side of the ball is picking up the offense pretty well. We're really excited for the regular season as far as the playbook goes just because we know we got it all in, now it's just time to practice it."

For starters, the play was a 15 yard swing pass to the near sideline that connected Matt Cassel with Hillis scoring the very first touchdown of the 2012 Chiefs.

Hillis, "I was talking to my family and it was pretty cool to score the first touchdown of the season. Hopefully there's more but right now I'm really enjoying myself."

Hillis is now in place were we wants to be, a place where the feeling is mutual.

"That's something we want to pride ourselves on," said Daboll. "Trying to be able to run the ball, and you need to run the ball."

"I'm happy to be here. It's great to be on a team that I think is going to be very good, as long as we stick to the basics and do our jobs," said Hillis.

Now to find the right combination between the two headed monster of the Chiefs backfield.

"To me Hillis is so interesting to have in this offense because they want it to be a ball control that can explode with the wide receivers," said Sports Illustrated Peter King.

An explosion that Hillis, "I really feel this is going to be a pleasant season both mentally and physically," wants to set off.

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