Nixa Ready For Webb City Challenge

Published 09/27 2013 05:02PM

Updated 09/27 2013 05:04PM

NIXA, MO--The Nixa Eagles will look to beat Webb City for the first time Friday night.

Nixa led the three-time defending champs early in last year's game, only to lose again.

But as we found out this year, mighty Webb can be brought down.

Nixa has never beaten Webb City.

But as we've seen, this is a year for firsts when it comes to the facing the mighty Cardinals.

The 11-time state champion lost its first regular season game in ten years down in Springdale, Arkansas this month.

Jacob Karlson/Nixa Quarterback: "It's nice to see that it can be done. And I think we're very confident coming in."

Xyah Ra/Nixa Defensive End: "They're a high school football team. When it gets down to it it's a high school football team. Seniors, juniors, sophomores. Just go out there and outplay them. That's all you can do."

You've heard the cliche easier said than done?

Applies there.

Webb City's streak-busting loss was their first loss in 91 regular season games.

The Eagles know this may be their toughest opponent all season.

Karlson: "You gotta keep on them. You can't let off like we did last year. They kind of came out of the gate in the 2nd half."

Rich Rehagen/Nixa Coach: "It's a good gaugue game. Figure out where you are, what you need to improve on. And try to make progress through your year."

A win over Webb City would be huge, Earth shattering really when it comes to local sports.

But Nixa's real nemesis is down Highway 14

Karlson: "We want to win district every year."

But arch-rival ozark took down nixa last year by a touchdown in the district championship game

Ra: "One of our senior captains has the article from the game last year, and it's sitting up in his locker. I look at it every day."

But that's another day.

Today, it's Webb City day and there's no denying how big this one is.

Ra: "It's huge. Nixa hasn't ever beaten Webb City I don't think. This year we have the chance to win. It would mean a lot I think. Something people would be talking about this 20 or 30 years later."

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