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HOLLISTER, Mo--Thursday at the Legends has been a relaxing day of practice and pro-ams.

But not this year.

The 36 teams of golfers had their game faces on early.

KOLR 10's Megan Rice is at Buffalo Ridge where the first round teed off, Megan.

Thanks Dan, the 2018 Legends of Golf teed off their first round today. It was the first time this tournament had four rounds.

Round one was simple, everyone plays 18 holes of best ball at Buffalo Ridge Springs. While it was cold and windy early, Lee Janzen and Rocco Mediate were cruising. They went -5 on teh front nine. But were even on the back nine, including this par putt on the 11th.

"He got us off to a good start, a good positive start. I thought that was good to get some momentum starting the round. Made a couple mistakes that I don't make in team events but it's about as good of a start as we've gotten off in," said Lee Janzen. 

Also on the 11th, Tom Watson comes inches away from an ace. He'd end up missing the birdie putt though. So he and Andy North finished at -2 for the round.

The pairing of Scott Verplank and Davis Love III are right in the mix as well. As Love III chips in from the fringe. They'd head into the clubhouse tied for second at -6.

"Scott said are you going to Chip in, I said yes, and he said well go ahead. He called it. Neither one of us were playing great but we had one guy on every hole. That's kind of what you have to do. We're going to have to go to the par 3 courses and get two birdie putts on a hole, is really what you want to do. We didn't do that enough today," said Davis Love III.

But it was the first ones on the course that would set the pace. Mark Calcavecchia and Woody Austin end up paring the 18th. And went in as the leaders at -7.

"As difficult as it was during the first nine holes, we did what we wanted to do and that was shoot a decent score," said Woody Austin.

"Yeah, now we are down to the par 3's so we are kind of all over the place. It's kind of hard to tell where you stand really until everybody gets back to Top of the Rock on Sunday. Try to hit as many iron shots and make as many putts as you can. And see where you are at on Sunday," said Mark Calcavecchia.

And what's a Champions Tour highlight without a look at John Daly's pants. Daly, Michael Allen and the pink flamingos come up with a birdie on the 18th. They'd finish at -5.

So Dan, this tournament is jam packed after the first round. The team of Jeffer Maggert and Jesper Parnevik jumped in front late at -8. With Calcavecchia and Austin one stroke back.

Now the field will split tomorrow. Half of the course will be at Top of the Rock and the other half will be at Mountain Top.

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