Dexter Fowler Perfect Fit With The Cardinals

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The St. Louis Cardinal and Dexter Fowler union began back in December. An entire Spring training has passed and the honeymoon phase may only get stronger.

"I think he would influence any team, I think he would influence any community, any company. Just as athletic a personality I've ever seen," said Mike Matheny.

Fowler's contagious smile and vivacious personality has already rubbed off on the team.

"I try to have fun wherever I go. But I can't take all the credit," said Fowler.

"It's been extremely impressive. I don't think I've seen someone make such a dramatic introduction. Just happy he is on our side," said Matheny.

Fowler rocks the cardinal red now, but of course just a year ago, the center fielder was breaking century long curses with Chicago.. who the cards play opening night.

"You have to turn the page. And they do to. It's a new season and everyone is after them. Sometimes you are chasing your own demons," said Fowler.

The center fielder is perfect for the cards in more ways than just personality, bringing a high on base percentage to the lead off spot and consistency in the outfield.

"He is just a tremendous center fielder. It's been great being with him in the outfield. He's been a great addition and he will make us all better defensively," said Stephen Piscotty. 

And at the end of the day Fowler's greatest strength might be knowing how to approach the game.

"It's the same game you've been playing since you were a little kid. You had fun doing it then, no reason you can't have fun doing it now," said Fowler. 

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