Crennel Stands By Cassel

KANSAS CITY, Mo--If there were any hopes that Kansas City was turning things around, they were dashed Sunday at home.

San Diego beat the Chiefs 37-20.

And to make matters worse, the first place Baltimore Ravens are up next.

Kansas City committed six turnovers in the game, five of them in the first half when San Diego built a 20-to-nothing lead.

Matt Cassel threw three interceptions in the first half alone.

Through the first four games, Cassel has thrown seven interceptions and fumbled three times.

But coach Romeo Crennel is standing by his man.

"Well because I think that he can do some good things," said Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel. "In the second half we tried to rally a little bit. We had a spark of life there in the third quarter. And he was the one who helped that spark. That's some of the decisions that head coach has to make. And you have to make a gut feeling about what you know about your team.."

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