Chiefs Welcome Regular Refs and Chargers

KANSAS CITY, Mo--The NFL and the officials union have a brand new eight year contract that will bring the regular refs back onto the field in time for Thursday night's game between the Browns and the Ravens.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell apologized to the fans for three weeks of replacement refs.

He said that the new deal will help the league in the long run.

Meanwhile the Kansas City Chiefs will return home after two straight road games.

And Romeo Crennel's Chiefs will be looking for a second straight victory against AFC West foe San Diego.

The Chiefs beat New Orleans in overtime last week thanks to six Ryan Ssuccop field goals.

Jamaal Charles carried the ball 33 times and says he can handle the load.

"A lot of people didn't think I could carry the ball that many times," said Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles. "Everybody always thought 16 or 20 was the most for me. But I went out there and did whatever the coaches wanted me to do, I showed up."

Reporter: "Do you have 33 in you this week?

"Whatever the coaches want me to carry the ball. I have to do something to help the team get a win. I'm just trying to help my team the best way I can," said Charles.

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