Chiefs Wary Of Locker Room Camera

Published 07/11 2013 08:48PM

Updated 07/11 2013 08:53PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo--If the NFL has its way, fans at Chiefs games will be able to take a peak into the K.C. lockerroom before kickoff.

As Alan Shope reports, that the lockerroom cam may not be a big hit with the players.

It's something that's not sitting well with coaches and players.

Former Chiefs receiver Danan Hughes was asked to do a lot of things during his NFL career.

He was even asked to be the emergency quarterback on game day.

And Danan says, if asked to deal with a --fixed live-- locker room camera, he'd do that as well.

But it might be uncomfortable.

Danan Hughes/Former Chiefs Receiver:"Literally until the time they're 10 minutes before they walk on the field they may be walking around in shorts or jock straps or whatever."

Hughes says pre-game means different things to different players.

And while there is a somewhat invasion of player privacy, he doesn't expect fans to see too much.

Hughes:"For me it's a lot if work for not much that will happen."

The new locker room cameras were much of the talk today for Former Chiefs defensive back JC Pearson on his afternoon radio show.

Pearson says...pre game may not be something everyone should see.

JC Pearson/Former Chiefs DB:"A lot of things happen and are said in that locker room especially pre game that probably aren't politically correct and that locker room is a whole different world in of itself."

For their part the Chiefs had no comment on the new cameras...saying they'll defer to the league office on this one.

Eddie Kennison/Former Chiefs Receiver:"Not only do you have to get prepared for the game now you have to worry about whose watching you get prepared for the game. We have to focus on the aspect of the game trying not to get hurt trying not to hurt anyone else, that's just sacred time"

Alan Shope/Reporting: "The new cameras are expected to be for in stadium use only and not for TV broadcast. They are expected to be in place this season."

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