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Life Safety & Security Solutions - providing peace of mind and independence together in one solution. Whether it is for an individual, couples, families, or group homes, we have solutions for you.

Medical Alert Pendants, Aging in Place Technology, Security Systems, & Assistive Technology for Special Needs

At Show Me Systems we provide solutions that are designed around your needs. We believe every individual is different and has specific needs. “There are no one-size-fits-all solutions”.  Want to see how we can help you? Let us give you a free consultation. Come visit our office or let us come to you at no cost.

Mention Ozarks Live or Ozarks first and we will waive the $50 activation fee for any Medical Alert System or receive 10% off any Security or Wellness system.  Call us now at 417-582-5446

Medical Alert Pendants

We have Help Alert buttons that can be worn inside or outside of the home. Our unique Belle pendant allows the user to be connected to the monitoring center with the push of a button, virtually from anywhere. The system utilizes a cellular voice/data network to send signals and allow voice communication through the pendant. This service is included with the monthly service plan. The battery life of the Belle can last up to thirty days without needing a charge. We do recommend charging at least weekly. We will remind you when your battery gets low that you should charge your Belle. Should you be lost or confused about your location, GPS tracking is available once the button is activated.

Wellness Systems - An affordable alternative to Assisted Living.

Our wellness systems allows seniors to age in place or live independently longer..  Our systems are non-invasive  and utilize sensors placed around the home to record activity or lack of activity. Our Open/Close sensors are commonly placed on medicine cabinets, refrigerators, doors, cabinets and even drawers to show activity. We also use motion sensors to reflect activity in a room. bed & chair mat sensors are very thin and used under the mattress pad or chair cover to show if a loved one is up and about or resting. By utilizing all these sensors together, we are able to provide alerts if somebody has possibly fallen or wandered off in the night. These systems can send notifications to family members, caregivers, and even neighbors should you need assistance. Many people love and use regularly the “Big Red Button” to signal for help orto alert people that they are up and about. There are so many uses for the sensors that we can’t list them all,which is why every system is customized to your specific needs. From medication monitoring to fall detection or life safety, our systems will be designed to suit your specific needs or your family's concerns. Our Dashboard for monitoring activity also uses the data collected over time to create reports that show what is routine behavior and what is below or above normal. The systems can even report on unusual behaviors based on past activity.  Enhancing peace of mind while maintaining independence and dignity are essential elements of Wellness Solutions.

Security Alarm Systems - Residential & Commercial

Whether you have an existing alarm system or need one, we have the solutions for you. As a provider fr service for many national alarm companies, we are capable of servicing and installing most brands of alarm systems. We have solutions that will allow us to monitor your existing systems or upgrade your system to one that integrates new technology for more control of your security and home. All of our systems can be integrated with lighting, temperature control, locks, cameras, and much more. We can focus on security only or integrate as much as you like. If you system is twenty years old, that is no problem for us. There are many legacy systems out there that are completely functional and dependable for providing good security. Often times, they just need to be serviced and cleaned up a bit. Though many of our systems are wireless, we can integrate the pre-existing hardwired systems with newer wireless features.  We often can save you money by consolidating the services. Most of our clients do not have long term agreements. Our philosophy is that if we take care of you and provide a service, you value you will continue to be a part of our family. We should not have to lock you into a 36 or 60 month agreement for services. Give us a chance to meet with you and present our services. There is no charge for us to come out and inspect your system and give you options.  

A big trend in the security market is Video Surveillance (Camera) Systems (VSS) and we are getting requests all the time for home and small business systems.  We have video systems that can be independent of the alarm system or work in conjunction with an alarm.  Most of our systems allow remote access via a free app so you can view your video from any internet connected device. We installed a small commercial VSS early this year and the business has already caught two shoplifters for prosecution. Another great benefit as a business owner is being able to check in periodically wherever you are. This allows you to have more relaxed free time and comfort that your business and employees are safe and productive. As a homeowner it is a huge peace of mind that you can look in on your beloved pets. We even have system that will allow you to talk to them remotely while watching them on video.  The busier we get, the more important it is to be connected to our family, property and pets.

Our Systems focus on total Security & Life Safety Solutions.