It is almost Valentine’s Day! One popular tradition during this time of year is to buy Valentine candies. From candy hearts to chocolate covered cherries, there are some delicious treats available right now. Unfortunately those candies are often filled with sugar, meaning Valentine’s Day is hardly sweet for your teeth.

Why are these sugary candies so terrible for your teeth? Everyone’s mouth has bacteria called streptococcus. It occurs naturally, and it feasts on sugar. It then breaks it down into acids that diminish your tooth enamel.

To fight this problem, try to get sugar-free versions of Valentine candies. If you prefer sugary candies, remember to eat them in moderation to protect your teeth. Do not forget to keep up your regular flossing and brushing habits as well!

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Total Mouth Rehabilitation

Generally, the first visit will include a thorough examination and necessary x-rays for proper diagnosis. Depending upon the complexity of your dental needs, the treatment plan may be presented at this visit or an additional appointment may be necessary.

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