What Is TMD?

Beset with too many migraines? Suffer from chronic headaches that travel down to your neck and shoulders? Is it difficult to open your mouth? Maybe you have tried medicine that does not seem to help with the pain. These are all symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD.

TMD is caused by any number of things, from arthritis and auto accidents to prescription drugs and teeth grinding. Determining the particular cause of your TMD can be complex. It requires plenty of time, and it is based upon physical examinations and X-rays. Before seeking treatment, be prepared to discuss a thorough history of your problems. This helps make identifying the cause of your TMD easier and faster!

Advanced techniques for the treatment of:

Total Mouth Rehabilitation

Generally, the first visit will include a thorough examination and necessary x-rays for proper diagnosis. Depending upon the complexity of your dental needs, the treatment plan may be presented at this visit or an additional appointment may be necessary.