Branson Resort Takes Gingerbread Houses to New Level

(Branson, MO) -- Many people spend quality time with their families around the holidays, and some even build gingerbread houses together!
Chateau on the Lake, a Branson resort, took this tradition to a whole new level. It has been building gingerbread houses for years and it's become their own little tradition.
The resort has decorations all over the lobby, but what really draws in the crowd is their unique gingerbread house display.
"We get the wow factor," says Doug Knopp, executive chef. "People come and they can't believe that we've got this much work and candy on them."
Knopp says each house takes about 40 hours of work.
"We go all out here."
And each house consists of a whole lot of goodies!
"Cookies. We have tons of m&ms, gummy bears, gummy bears, gummy worms. We just go through and clean out the cabinet with candies and just load them up!"
No wonder kids like Katie Wells want to go just to see them.
"They look fun to make and they make you want to eat them!"
Besides wanting to eat them, it's the smell of the gingerbread that brings Christmas to peoples' minds.
"Brings back the time when building Gingerbread houses was a family event," says Knopp. "People got together and that's what they did for an afternoon or for a day -- building Gingerbread with the family."
The entire kitchen staff takes turns building the houses that contain 500 pounds of raw sugar, candy, and gingerbread.
"We do little intricate things on them," adds Knopp. "You'll notice that some of the gummy bears, there's about 500 gummy bears on one of the houses here, and they're all heads up, except one of them is upside down, so it's kind of a find Waldo."
He says although they have a lot to offer, people come specifically for the houses.
"We have people come especially to have their pictures taken with the Gingerbread houses."
Building the gingerbread houses is a tradition at the Chateau, but they always try to top the previous year.
"It's always a work in progress. We're always adding and making them bigger and better every year."
Knopp says the first house is put out by November 1st, and the rest are out in time for Christmas.

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