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World Cup Ads Have Already Been Shared More Than Super Bowl Ads

Item: Before the first kickoff, ads related to the World Cup have already been shared more than this year's crop of Super Bowl commercials, according to marketing-technology company Unruly. The top-20 World Cup 2014 ads  have so far netted 6.9 million shares across social media. That's 31.4% more than the 4.7 million shares related to the top-20 ads from Super Bowl 2014.

Why it Matters: As we delve further into social media we are beginning to see the essence of global communities appear. Beyond language barriers, politics and religious beliefs, these communities are surrounding and championing sports and entertainment in ways never before seen and in unprecedented numbers. This mindset moves their focus away from niche groups and helps people to see the bigger picture—that they are all connected by their passions.

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