Weather Delaying Outdoor Projects in Branson

Weather Delaying Outdoor Projects in Branson

The city's winter plans include a new dog park, hiking trail extensions and other upgrades to recreational areas.
BRANSON, Mo. -- It’s too cold for all but a few joggers and hikers, but January and February provide a window of opportunity for Cindy Shook and the Branson Parks Department.

“We've just kinda come off of our busy season,” Shook said. “Our maintainance staff has the time to tackle some of these projects that we'd like to see. Improvements in the parks.”

Projects like a  new dog park, upgrades to an RV campground and a half-mile trail extension along Roark Creek.

“We use that trail and we use all of our trail systems,” Shook said. “That's something we always hear from our visitors and our citizens.”

The construction has caught the attention of the handful of campers enjoying Branson’s outdoor recreation opportunities.

But weeks of snow and subfreezing temperatures have slowed things down.

“We certainly didn’t plan on those and that put a crimp in our plans,” Shook explained. “We’ll persevere. We definitely have things to do inside. But yeah, that will slow us down.”

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