Residential Housing Market Growing in Branson

Residential Housing Market Growing in Branson

Demographic shifts could indicate more demand for elderly housing in the future.
Changing demographics could mean more room for growth in Branson's housing market.

The City of Branson granted more residential permits this year than the three previous years combined.

Several large apartment and residential developments began construction this year, including a new elderly living facility on the Branson hills parkway.

The company building them says Branson is becoming an attractive destination for elderly residents and is responding to market demands.

"The markets in Branson is going to be hard to predict," said Rick Huffman, the CEO of HCW Developments, "Our company's belief is that most of the growth that will come in the area in the future is probably retirement."

But city officials say there is room for more affordable family housing as well. more than 160 of the permits filed this year were for multifamily units...

Joel Hornickel, the city's interim director of planning and development points out that people are starting to commute to Branson for work...which could lead to more housing growth in the future.

"We believe we're a community that has a lot to offer," Hornickel said. "For people working here, we want to make it an attractive place to raise their families.

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