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Preppers Have Joined The Organic Food Movement

Item: Activists championing organic foods have found support among self-described “doomsday” preppers. What made preppers into anti-GMO foodies? Their desire to have a healthy post-apocalyptic lifestyle! You can get all sorts of advice from blogs like "The Organic Prepper" and "The Sustainable Prepper," and you even can purchase the "Survival Seed Doomsday Preppers Kit Non-GMO Emergency Seed Supply With Extra Protein” off Amazon.

Why it Matters: We’ve been watching the evolution of the prepper movement for quite some time, seeing it evolve beyond simple safety reasons and “being ready” to a movement that not only can go off the grid but also has healthier lifestyle options such as organic food, heavy cardio training and disconnecting from technology—all in an effort to prepare for the unknown.

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