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Browser Plug-In Reveals Where Politicians Get Their Cash

Item: Greenhouse, a browser plugin crafted by a kid who can’t even vote yet, is helping add transparency to the U.S. political machine. Greenhouse will highlight the names of any members of Congress, no matter what webpage on which they appear—and when you hover your mouse over the highlighted name, a list pops up. That list shows you who the elected official is, his/her political affiliation and state, and a full list of his/her biggest contributors with dollar amounts.

Why it Matters:
Transparency is becoming a huge issue—well beyond food and farming. Transparency is becoming prevalent across philanthropy, politics, construction and healthcare. It’s an effort to make companies accountable for what they do. The consumer mindset no longer blindly trusts organizations—they now have to prove their worth, and put their money where their mission statement is.

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