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Perfume and Cocktail Bar Lets You Smell and Drink your Cosmos

Item: In an attempt to master the complex relation between smell and taste, a German mixologist is reinventing the way we experience both. In mid-June, The Ritz-Carlton Berlin will officially open Fragrances,  an all-new boozey experience where bar goers use their sense of smell to select their drink of choice. Fragrances’ menu presents alcoholic beverages with a bottle of perfume—the drink will not only smell like the scent, but will also reflect that smell in its taste.

Why it Matters: We’re sensory immigrants when it comes to new things—especially when two senses are stimulated at once. Just like our obsessions with 3D, high-definition and media immersion;  elevating everyday experiences such as the cocktail hour also intrigues us. By combining multiple senses into a singular event, we’re not only creating experiential situations, but destination-worthy ones as well.

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