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No-Rules Playground

From no-ball playgrounds to prohibiting games such as tag and dodgeball, some parents are convinced that schools go a little overboard with fun-time rules. A school in Auckland, New Zealand turned playground policy on its head and essentially threw away the rulebook.

The result? The school reports that injuries, vandalism and bullying are down—and concentration in class is up. Why? Because the school says kids are engaged. They’re climbing trees at recess, skateboarding, taking risks—and learning the consequences for doing something stupid.

Rules were made to be broken, so goes the saying—but what happens when we simply take the rules away? There’s a lot of talk surrounding the idea of consequence stimulus, and what happens when you let free will and the human conscience take over. The shocking thing people are finding out is that without the rules in place, people aren’t feeling the need to defy them. 

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