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Gatorade Introduces Hydration Smart Bottles at the World Cup

Item: As part of a plan to make sure each player involved in the World Cup is getting sufficiently hydrated, the Gatorade company is providing multiple “pods” of specific Gatorade formula that is customized to their individual requirements. The pods are plugged into the bottles and combined with water. Each bottle has a built-in sensor that monitors the player’s consumption and sends the information in real time to the coaches and trainers, who are able to view and track the information via app.

Why it Matters:
We’re always looking for ways to enhance our body and our performance. Whether it’s natural, mechanical or medicinal, humans want to push their body to do more. This is leading to quantifying everything from how much we eat and drink, to our steps, work outs, how much we sweat, and calculating our down time. All of this is an effort to formulate how we can be better by simply doing what we do everyday a little bit better.

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