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Do It Yourself Beauty Boosters

With people looking for more and more ways to “go green” and save money, do-it-yourself-cosmetics are gaining popularity like never before. Figuring out how to directly create the products, if not at least their effect while using things you can easily find around the house is a brand new DIY subculture fueled by 20 somethings and moms. They are finding new, cheaper ways to achieve cosmetic greatness out of things like dark chocolate, coconut oil, lemon juice, chamomile tea and salt water; replacing costly facials, shampoo, hair coloring, and hair spray respectively.

Big Picture

DIY has become more than a scene or a movement; it has become a way of life for an ever-growing percentage of the population as the price of goods and services rise. We wear our creations as badges of honor—sometimes literally. Things like sewing, gardening, cooking and even manufacturing (with the help of 3D printers) have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity as a direct result of growing disenfranchisement with big business and cheaply made high priced goods.
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