Cyber Monday Contributes to Winter Ticket Sales in Branson

Cyber Monday Contributes to Winter Ticket Sales in Branson

BRANSON, Mo. -- Many theaters and ticket outlets offer holiday discounts as a way to encourage advance sales.
BRANSON, Mo. -- Cyber Monday isn't just for the tech industry. Many travel outlets and booking agencies use the holiday sales after Thanksgiving to promote advance ticket sales.

Those in the Branson area often create online promotions for Christmas shows. Robert Brim, who runs out of the basement of his home, said Monday's promotion provided a 20% increase in sales.

"We had a big result, not as big as we'd like to see. But we're not selling iPads and cell phones," he said. "So what we do, in advance, we put out the information about cyber Monday sales. We gave discounts on show tickets and on vacation packages."

Joshua Hall, a marketing director for The Bretts, said he and his clients have offered deals in the past for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. He said the performers' website has become more sales-driven in the past few years.

"Before it was kind of a brochure, kind of information," he said. "We've noticed more of the power that can be held with the online."
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