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Chobani Becomes a Lifestyle Brand

Just as Starbucks has tried to get customers into cafes after the morning rush by launching more food, cold drinks, and even alcohol, Chobani is getting into the game by marketing its products as not only breakfast or snack foods. This summer the company will launch “Chobani Indulgent”—a pudding like yogurt in Dulce de Leche, Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chunk, and Banana Dark Chocolate Chunk flavors—and “Chobani Kitchen”—a sour cream replacement for baking or garnishing potatoes.

Big Picture

Brands are trying to incorporate themselves into our lives at every chance they get; we see them evolving “lifestyle” brands in order to try and appeal to every aspect of what we need. The more needs they appeal to, the more recognition the brand gains until they become a part of our everyday life—hand in hand with necessities.
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