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Chipotle’s New Packaging Is a Story in Itself

Chipotle tasked a number of authors to write stories and articles that will cover their disposable cups and take out bags. The company notes that they have never used their cups or packaging to promote other brands, like most fast food eateries do (for example, using cups that are labeled with a beverage company), so Chipotle decided to put the space to their own use.

An extension of a company’s need to find new ways to inform and engage their customers, as well as a response to the growing movement to “unplug” from tech (even if only momentarily) this idea is winning fans on a lot of levels. Not only are you taking two minutes to read something new in a new medium (probably while inhaling a burrito) but you’ve also given new and upcoming authors a chance. Who knows? The soda cup may be the next literary form.

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