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British Airways Testing 'Happiness Blanket'

Item: British Airways is pushing two new initiatives in its first class sections in order to make flight not only more enjoyable (for you), but also insightful (for them).  One such plan is dubbed Slow TV—it’s where they lull flyers to sleep by providing hours and hours of repetitive film, including a seven-hour train ride through snow-covered Norway, as well as videos of people knitting, walking in the park, and feeding birds. The other idea is a woolen "happiness blanket" that is embedded with micro fiber optics that change color based on electrical fluctuations in the neurons of brain, which are detected courtesy of a Bluetooth device worn on the passenger’s head. A blue blanket indicates calm, and is generally brightest during sleep. Red, predictably, indicates a stressed or anxious state.

Why it Matters: We’re all looking for a better way to unwind, and through a mix of neuroscience, technology and holistic treatments the field of stress and relaxation is getting very interesting. It’s no longer just about sleeping or finding comfort; people want to mentally pause and look around for a bit.
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