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America’s First Cat Café

Thanks to a sponsorship by Purina One, America finally has its own haven for people who want to get a cup of coffee while surrounded by cats. The coffee bar in New York serves espresso drinks, drip coffee, and a small selection of pastries, and all of it's for free. The coffee comes from a "local vendor." Purina won't say who, but rumor has it that it's a popular Brooklyn roaster. With 16 cats in total, you will always have a feline companion while you sip your latte.

The Big Picture
The cat cafés in Japan have served multiple purposes, from creating fun experiences to creating a comforting environment. While they may have been tourist magnets for people who couldn’t believe that they existed, they’re now being rethought as a way to relieve stress. As people continue to look for new ways to relax and unwind, companies are exploring new outlets of stress relief and relaxation in an effort to think outside the box about emotional well being.
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