Wrapping Up 11th Annual National Women Build Week

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Springfield wrapped up the 11th annual National Women Build Week Saturday afternoon with over 100 local women helping build a five-bedroom house.

Habitat for Humanity's Abby Glenn said one goal of this program is to show women that they can learn construction skills.

"They're coming together to address the need for affordable housing in a meaningful and concrete way," Glenn said.

Glenn said another goal is to teach people important life skills they can take home with them."

"How to frame," suggested Irene Schaefer, a volunteer, "framing is a new experience for me. Pretty good with a hammer so I can drive a nail. But they're drawn on a picture, you mark it off with a pencil, and we're good to go."

Some volunteers said it's rewarding to see women out there building and learning construction skills.

"After completing a construction project, it definitely gives everyone a sense of accomplishment," said Isabella Karallas, another volunteer.

"This is wonderful," added Schaefer. "I love to see women out here actually putting themselves in an environment that's different for them, but all wanting to learn and every woman here is actually wanting to learn."

The five-bedroom home Habitat for Humanity is building is a three-month long project.

"So even after national women build week we're going to need some volunteers to come out here and help us complete the home," Glenn said.

Glenn says they're currently seeking more volunteers, both men, and women, to finish the house.

To register to volunteer, visit, go through the registration process and sign the liability waiver. Volunteers must be at least 16-years-old.

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