Wisconsin Authorities Investigate Plane Crash That Killed 6

PRICE COUNTY, Wis. Plane debris from a deadly crash was still scattered along the side of the road near the town of Harmony.

"At this point, I was able to notify at least five family members, and we're still trying to confirm that the sixth family member or family from the sixth person has been contacted," Brian Schmidt, Price County Sheriff, said.

The National Transportation and Safety Board is working with Price County officials to investigate a plane crash that left six dead.

"There was a discussion between the pilot and the air traffic controllers about local weather phenomena," Alex Lemishko, NTSB investigator, said.

Then the plane dropped off radar.

"As far as knowing what happened, we don't know that," Lemishko said.

The plane was found by fire officials 250 yards west of Highway 111.

Debris was scattered for at least a quarter of a mile radius from the main wreckage.

Because of the dense forest, high grass and mud, the NTSB is having a more difficult time making sure it recovers all plane parts.

"During the course of today and possibly tomorrow, we will continue to inspect the aircraft wreckage as it lays in the field," Lemishko said.

Once the on-site investigation is done, the debris will be transported to Minneapolis for further investigation.

(Emma Henderson, WSAW)

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