What Parents Should Know Before Selecting a Daycare

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--Kids are typically parents most prized treasures and with any gem, you want to make sure they're protected in or out of your care.

"It's really important to me obviously first and foremost safety," says Kristina Wilmoth.

Like so many parents, Kristina Wilmoth takes the proper precautions to make sure her kids are in good hands when they're at daycare. 

"I ask mostly about physical things like are there cameras, are  things monitored and as far as getting into the daycare and out are there code doors?," says Wilmoth.

Staff at Life360 Preschool also recommend asking some other important questions like what is the pick/up drop off process? What is the staff's educational background? Is there a camera monitoring system? Are staff members CPR trained? And is it a licensed day-care?

 "Licensed facilities have to meet quite a few standards and they are inspected frequently. Non-licensed or licensed exempt centers still have to meet certain standards, but it's much more loose and there's not as much supervision over those," says Jeremy Hahn of Life360 Preschool.

Kids are prone to swallowing foreign objects so Hahn says a CPR trained staff is crucial.

"It's just so good to know to avert crisis in the classroom and make sure your kiddos are safe," says Hahn.

And if money is a concern when selecting a day-care, staff at Life360 Preschool suggest asking potential facilities about scholarships or tuition discounts that aren't always publicized.


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