Wednesday's Child: Alexis

Alexis is shy, but she warmed up fast when she got to play with animals, also waiting to be adopted, at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri.


Vonda Wallace, Southwest Region Field Support Manager with the Missouri Department of Social Services, said Alexis wanted to go somewhere she could play with cats and dogs.


“She's kind of slow to get to know you, but once she warms up, you can really see her personality,” Wallace said.


Between cats and dogs, Alexis may lean towards ‘girl’s best friend.’


“More of a dog because he's more better to go on an adventure with,” Alexis said.


Alexis loves to learn new things, swim, and dig for rocks. She also is proud of herself for learning how to ride a bike at just six years old. Despite her love for dogs, she’s also fond of cats.


"They're really lazy,” Alexis said. “Sometimes I like to be lazy."


Alexis will flourish in a home that’s nurturing and patient.


“What’s important to Alexis is to have structure in her home and have good routines established, so she can know what to expect,” Wallace said. “She needs families to know that she will sometimes throw a tantrum, but she doesn’t want them to give up on her and wants to try and make it work with a family.”


Unconditional love and support are qualities Alexis is looking for in a forever family.


“So, the type of family Alexis is looking for should really understand trauma, and understand how trauma impacts children,” Wallace said. “They can really learn to identify things that may upset the kids in their home and work through those problems with them. Be understanding of where Alexis has been and be able to grow in their family.”


Because sometimes, it takes time, to warm up.


May is National Foster Care Month. There is always a need for foster homes, especially for children ages six and older. Recruiting families for older children can be more challenging than finding a place for an infant.


Every family will need to be licensed before more information can be shared with them about a specific child.


Terry Saddler, with the Missouri Department of Social Services, answers all foster and adoptive licensing questions. You can reach her at (417) 895-7831. You can also look at frequently asked questions on the Missouri Department of Social Services website.

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