WEB EXTRA: BBC Reporter Escapes Volcanic Eruption

(CBS) -- When Italy’s Mt. Etna exploded this week, BBC science correspondent Rebecca Morelle says she thought she and her crew were going to die.  

Morelle recalls the incident:

"Your first instinct is to get away from this as soon as you can.

"I mean, I'm a science correspondent. I love volcanoes. I know a bit about them.

"They're dangerous and if you see something like that happening, you have to get away. And all the while people are running, there are screams, there's a thud, thud, thud of rocks falling around you and you can't see anything either, because the white steam, all the kind of heat of this event is covering the area, so I mean it was such a chaotic scene.  I mean, I can't believe that people escaped with minor injuries."

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