Weather Radio Service Out? Download KOLR10 Weather App

FORDLAND, Mo -- KOLR10 Meteorologist Wes Peery explains how the app can keep you informed if your weather radio service is out. 

With a TV tower collapsing in Fordland, many people in Greene County aren't able to use their weather radio properly, or it's not transmitting the information which you need. 

KOLR10 has a news and a weather app which can give you the same life saving information that comes across on the weather radio, right onto the app.  

Type in the "KOLR10" in the app store, select the weather experts app, and download it. 

If you have an Android, the app will load up and you will go to the menu with the three dots, click on settings, click on push notifications. Turn on news alerts and weather alerts.

If you want the weather alerts, which is what the weather radio is used for, you can add your location. 

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