Volunteers Needed to Water Newly-Planted Trees in Joplin

Published 07/25 2014 03:56PM

Updated 07/25 2014 04:02PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- After the 2011 tornado, approximately 20,000 trees in Joplin parks were lost.

City Arborist Mike Mcdaniel says once the greenery was gone, the town grew quiet without the sounds of nature coming from the trees. 

"There was no wildlife, there was none of that white noise that we kind of take for granted," said Mike McDaniel, City of Joplin arborist.

Around 500 trees have been planted in the parks located in the tornado zone. However, the recent heat wave and shortage of rainfall in Southwest Missouri is requiring the trees to be watered on a regular basis. 

"We're about 13 inches behind on rainfall, so far this year since December. So although it seemed like a wet spring, we're really still in a moderate drought right now. And so the trees need some help," said McDaniel. 

Joplin Parks and Recreation employees are asking volunteers to help out with watering in Parr Hill, Cunningham and Garvin parks. The volunteers will help city arborists focus their time on other areas around Joplin.

"It's amazing how fast everything gets done when everybody just comes together and works for a purpose," said Glen Bergeron, City of Joplin seasonal employee.

Debra Henderson is a Joplin resident and says the community taking care of the trees, will create a better environment and bring the city back to life. 

"I think it would show that the community is doing everything in their part to help bring all the trees back into Joplin," said Debra Henderson, Joplin resident.

The City of Joplin encourages the development of green spaces in the community, and welcomes individuals and groups to volunteer.

The city hopes to plant around 23,000 trees in the tornado zone in Joplin in the next 10 years. Those interested in volunteering, click

(courtesy KODE, Joplin)

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