U.S. Airports Installing Automated Passport Scanners

Published 06/20 2014 08:08PM

Updated 06/20 2014 08:14PM

There will be a new sight at the airport soon—Kiosks that will scan and automatically check in passengers. The new automated passport scanners trim 35 percent of the wait time and are expected to cut in half the traditional 20- to 40-minute waits. Plus, travelers no longer have to fill out customs declaration forms, traditionally done on the plane before landing, telling the agency their passport numbers, addresses and items they have to declare.

At the heart of it, we’re all impatient in one way or another and 24/7 access to many things has just made us resent waiting even more. Access and demand continue to evolve as our lives continue to move faster, and we expect everything around us to keep up. Airports are frustrating enough without lines; automated check in services would alleviate the initial line and make the experience better for everyone involved.

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