Trips to Make Your Holiday Travel Easier

(Springfield, MO)--Airports can be a nightmare for holiday travelers this week.
    But you can still have a very merry mile high Christmas with just a little bit of planning and patience.

"There is this myth out there that airports are horribly congested at airports," says Kent Boyd of the Springfield Branson Airport.  "It really is a myth of sorts.  It isn't that there are more travelers.  It's that there are more inexperienced air travelers.

    It's those inexperienced travelers that could end up putting a hold on your holidays.

"I tell them get to the airport as early as you can," says Boyd.  "At least one and a half hours before the flight so you will know where to get your ticket.  You will get through security and you will still catch your flight. "

    And if your baggage is filled with Christmas cheer be sure to leave the bows and ribbons at home.

"Don't wrap presents when you get on the airplane," says Boyd.  "Because there is a good chance that security folks will have to unwrap those presents to make sure there isn't something that there shouldn't be. So I advise people to wrap their presents in pajamas or a towel or something like that.

    The best way to make sure your sleigh takes off on time is education.

"I recommend educating yourself as much as you can before you get to the airport," says Boyd.  Go to airport websites; find out where ticket counters are and where security screening is.  Go to the website at the Transportation Security Agency and you can find all sorts of tips about what you can or cannot bring on an airplane.

    One of the most common restricted items people try to bring on planes during the holidays: snowglobes.
    They are permitted in checked bags only.

    For a full list of tips for holiday travel, visit:

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