Today's Top Medical News - February 15, 2018

A new study shows a possible link between highly processed foods and cancer. 
French and Brazilian researchers looked at questionnaires from more than 100-thousand people. 
They found diets high in ultra-processed foods such as packaged baked goods, soda and sugar cereals were associated with increased risks for cancer.
The link was not as significant with less processed foods such as canned vegetables and cheeses. 

A common drug may affect stroke risk for some elderly adults. 
British Researchers found people over 65 taking blood thinners for an irregular heart beat may be increasing their risk of stroke if they also have kidney disease. 

And learning techniques to relieve stress may help people with epilepsy have fewer seizures. 
The study in the journal Neurology looked at patients who did muscle relaxation  and focusing techniques. 
Researchers expected the muscle relaxing group would show more benefits, but both groups experienced about the same.
(Meg Oliver, CBS News)

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